Taking the bike or take a hike?

Date: 26th March 2016

Does Scottish football have an up to date view on your bike?

Does Scottish football have an up to date view on your bike?

To be honest, the thought of me in lycra is enough to turn my family into fussy eaters so if I was to turn up and suggest that I was taking up cycling, they would nod sagely whilst speed dialling some form of mental health clinic. My partner has a less than wholesome view of cyclists though we do believe they have a right to be.

Each week there seems to be yet another Government sponsored drive to make us fitter and healthier. In football it has brought public policy into sharp contrast with the private practice of our private fitba clubs. I mean, have you ever tried to cycle to a game of football? Have our ancient and venerable facilities that still boast more physical connections to the 19th century than the 21st actually got anywhere to, literally, park the bike?

Anecdotally I know of a couple of naïve people who thought the one place where they would be able to be accepted and even applauded was at a sporting event. Having decided that they would cycle to the game they made the decision to just phone ahead and ask – got anywhere I can safely chain up my bike. On at least one phone call the cyclists got the distinct impression that they were being treated as if they were suggesting bringing a live goat in for ritual slaughter. Of course the club did not have anywhere for them to safely store the vehicle which is kinder to the environment than whatever occupies the car park and is likely to promote weight loss, healthy living and eating as well as hitting all the right notes in the symphony of a healthier Scotland!

It left me wondering – what does your club do? Are there clubs in Scotland trying to encourage fitness in their communities and with the fans where they encourage you to leave the car at home and come to the game in a fitter way? Is this all pie in the sky as well as pie in the stomach as clubs would rather sell you the heart disease than help you get healthier to avoid it.

There might even be legions of fans out there who have a club that values them coming on their bikes so we are being unfair… though I doubt it. Tell us what you think and let us know of YOUR experience of wanting to bike it to a game. In times of economic necessity whilst the government have a bike to work scheme where they will subsidise the purchase of a bike to get you to work, would they be prepared to support setting up areas where people can park their bikes at football grounds? Let us know in the usual manner – remember, unlike some we shall listen…

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