That was the football week 3 by the SFSA Reporting team

Date: 22nd August 2016

That was the football week 3 by the SFSA Reporting team

A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.

Scotland’s Game a BBC special documentary

With the resources that the mighty BBC have at its disposal it is good news that they have decided to invest some of our hard earned license fees on a 4 part documentary on Scottish football. Mind you, this comes in the same week when fans of Championship teams have contacted the SFSA asking us to write to the BBC on their behalf. They are looking for an official explanation as to where the Championship coverage that the BBC had over the past few years has mysteriously gone?

For the trailers of Scotland’s Game we can see a range of the usual suspects, Big Archie McPherson, Stuart Cosgrove, John Roberton all current or former BBC employees. We of course look forward with anticipation to see how many real fans are interviewed over the 4 programmes given that it is our game!

Mental Health

Sadly mental health issues kill more young men under the age of 35 than any other illness. We have always believed that as the National Sport football should have a role in helping reduce these terrible statistics. Please take the time to complete this short survey to help drive policy on this important issue.

The Tom Daley League Table

Scott Brown called Jamie Walker a cheat and on a weekend of diving two new culprits made the referees pull out the yellow cards. Over the season we will have a wee league table of those caught in the act. Of course we have not heard from anybody who asked Scott Brown if his own centre forward was a cheat.

Scottish Diving League Season 2016/17
Jamie Walker Hearts
Jake Mulraney Inverness Caley Thistle
Leigh Griffiths Celtic

Celtic Fans show solidarity with Palestine at a cost

Scotland has a long history of support for the people of Palestine and Celtic fans decided to show that support to a worldwide audience. Sadly, in the corrupt world of world football having a political conscience is fine if you are home; but just don’t bring it to a football match. As we have seen with some of the deplorable
Decisions in world football over the last 10 years this is no more than a minor indiscretion. Our £5 is on the way to the campaign to support the Palestinian charities. Well Done Celtic fans.

Lionel Messi and Scott Brown

Both captains have given sterling service to their respective countries and on the week that Messi went back on his decision to retire from International Football it was interesting to see Brown decide enough was enough for Scotland. In among his 50 caps there have been a few good performances; but sadly he feels like so many of the Scotland fans we have spoken to that we can’t take much more of the excuses. As another campaign starts we just can’t get motivated for more of the same. We do of course hope that we are wrong and that we will magically morph into Wales or Iceland.

In Engerland – our top picks

Twenty’s Plenty

Great to see the campaign gather momentum with a neat sponsorship that means any fans going to an away game at St Mary’s will get in for £20.

In Europe

The arrival of Chinese and Arabian money into the game across Europe is having serious consequences. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at this issue in more depth and see how this influx of cash is having a negative impact here in Scotland.


The man who many believe took far more form the game than he ever gave back died at the ripe old age of 100. Joao Havelange served FIFA from 1974 to 1998; the second longest term in the history of world football’s governing body. Jules Rimet was at FIFA’s helm for 33 years. In 1958, at the age of 42, he was appointed chairman of the Brazilian Sports Association, which later became the Brazilian Football Association (CBF). Many believe that during his term in office was when fitba started to loose its moral compass.

Published 22/8/16

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