That was the the week that was by SFSA reporting team week 2

Date: 15th August 2016

That was the football week 2 by the SFSA Reporting team

A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.

Rangers – top of the league again

Rangers have now climbed back from the very bottom division to sit proudly at the top of the SPFL after an away win at Dundee on Saturday. Most pundits expect them to be a top 4 side this season given the resources that they still have at their disposal. Compared to the poorer clubs around them they are still the second biggest spenders in Scotland. Nobody can deny that the journey that the Gers fans have been on is has been a torturous roller coaster that has been out with their control. Hopefully, Scotland has seen the last of the rouges like Murray, Whyte, Green, Masterton and Romanov who took the clubs that fans loved and used them as their own playthings. Football supporters have been taken for a ride for far too long and deserve better. Until there is better governance and proper transparency in our game we sadly will be waiting the next bad news story breaking.

Partick Thistle – Archibald and Rodgers agree about postponement

Alan Archibald complained that it was a farce that the game against Celtic was postponed to allow Celtic to play in a “pre season” friendly in Ireland. Surprisingly, Brendan Rodgers backed Archie in saying that it seemed like a pointless exercise. Of course once he gets back to Parkhead his bosses will not doubt put him right as it was his club that pushed to get a rule that would allow the big “global clubs” go and make some extra money out of meaningless friendlies?

Celtic and Rangers – Worldwide brands?

So that leads us to the question are Celtic and Rangers really global brands in football? When you look at the investment being made by clubs such as Manchester City and Arsenal to extend their reach you realise that the dream of being a top player is probably the same as Albion Rovers and their like wanting to make the Premiership top six. For those interested in the global marketing of a club have a wee watch on how Arsenal are going about doing it.

How to Grow an International Fanbase

Dundee – £500,000 profit but at what cost?

The will he, won’t he saga of Greg Stewart’s transfer to Birmingham City only lasted a day or too as Dundee paused in an attempt to push up the price. Having signed him for nowt from the Blue Brazil it has been a health profit for the Dens Park men. No doubt now that his is a Championship player in England he will be good enough for Gordon Strachan’s next squad. Not that it helps Dundee replace the prolific Stewart. Will there be a resulting goal drought at Dens Park?

Where have all the Scots Gone?

Hot on the heals of the news that Manchester United have for the first time in their history got no Scots on the books – our pals at the BBC decided to give us an update on the few Scots who are still based in England. It is interesting reading; but sadly there was no in depth analysis of the decline in the popularity of the Scots or why so many of those who are “Scots” were not even produced here in Scotland. It feels like it was a real opportunity missed.

Kilmarnock – trouble at mill?

Lots of journalists calling us this week asking what is going on at the club. Could this be the last time season that a certain Mr Johnston is still involved in the club? The rumour mill has indicated that with the threat of an EGM with a vote of no confidence his time might finally be up! Don’t expect a fans protest begging him to stay!

In Engerland – our top picks

Hull City fans are not happy with the way they have been treated by a millionaire owner who is keen to sell the club on to any billionaire that he might meet. With a threadbare squad that of course includes 4 Scots sneaking a home win against the champions Leicester City it looks as if there will be a lot more happening on Humberside this season.

Safe stranding

With Celtic soon to have safe standing after a very long and arduous approval process from the league and then Glasgow City Council we will shortly be looking at what other clubs in Scotland might look at adopting it. It is not often we can say that they are behind us in England but at the moment a bill to

In Europe

The arrival of Chinese and Arabian money into the game across Europe is having serious consequences. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at this issue in more depth and see how this influx of cash is having a negative impact here in Scotland.

Published 15/8/16

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