The future not the past

Date: 15th July 2021

The latest blog post from resident writer Donald Stewart

“And so, the dust has finally settled, and we can reflect on a job that was almost well done.

Have the ghosts of all things past been laid to rest?

Have we now got new memories to replace the old ones?

Will the meme of David Marshall replace the Gemmill memes?

Will yes Sir, I can Boogie replace Coming Down the road?

Do we now accept that our world cup is the qualifying and not turning up at the competition?

Do we realise where we are in the pecking order of it all and we now have to realise that we are not the world level powerhouse we think we ought to be or we believe we should be?

Does it matter?

Actually, no, I don’t think it does.

One of the great things about being a fan, a supporter, a dreamer is that you can dream and not simply wake up to the reality. When that shot from McFadden hit the back of a Parisian net we believed. When Gemmill managed to tuck that away against the Dutch we thought, the impossible was possible. When that shot from outside the box went screaming past the Swiss goalkeeper, there was hope. Hope. So much hope.

And then it was dashed.

IF following the Scottish National Team was a horror movie it would surely be the Exorcist. We are undone by ourselves, spend ages trying to slay the demons inside of us and it all ends with some form of disaster that is down to our good selves – nobody else – at the end of it all. It’s a familiar tale.

But now we must look forward.

The world cup group we find ourselves in is winnable. Sure, the Austrians gave Italy a fright in the last 16 in the Euros, but they look beatable. Israel? Is it time to admit that playing teams four times a year in our own national leagues might finally be a decent preparation at last for playing the likes of Israel a hunner times in a decade?

Moldova and the Faroes – easy!

And then, Denmark. Semi-finalists at the Euros… The darlings of the tournament. Will that drive into the qualifiers? Hardly likely to. The fact is that they have managed to capture the casual, the neutral and the crowds who saw the dignity amongst the tragedy. Without that sympathy and the impetus it gave them, will they go any further? Is the Schmeichel family drive for the son to achieve the same medal haul as the father, now over and Kasper has to accept his dad had better opportunities than he?

Denmark look the most likely to top the group and take the automatic spot which means we have the play offs to contemplate. But we know how to do playoffs, don’t we?

Once again let us applaud the genius of the SFA and SPFL who prepared us well for that eventuality by including them annually to get us prepared…

Then getting Steve Clarke onboard to ensure we get through them to the Euros… what an experience!”

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