The manifesto offers the start of change

Date: 17th January 2016

An opportunity for change?

At Holyrood last week a collection of MSP’s, journalists and ordinary football fans gathered to hear about a new manifesto. The difference this time is that this was not created by politicians but by ordinary football supporters. The Scottish Football Supporters Association was founded as Scotland was the only country in Europe without an independent fans body and without such a platform it meant there was never any chance of fans having a voice. The players and the manager and coaches have unions and have some influence but the fans never had and nobody in power would ever want to see that happen.

2014 saw a change in the political landscape that meant that ordinary folk felt that their opinion mattered. Following that simple model the SFSA emerged asking fans what the wanted. Membership are free and 47,000 fans joined and over 10,000 filled in a detailed survey which included the categorisation of fan types ,which had never been done before. The most important thing to emerge is that fans feel they have been taken for granted and that they are fed up at being ignored or dismissed as irrelevant.
We as fans can’t change who we support in the way that we can change where we shop and that loyalty has been at best mistreated and at worst abused. Armageddon might not have happened; but disasters at Rangers, Hearts and Dunfermline did and those in power were the ones who ignored the supporters.
This Manifesto is the starting point in changing the football landscape to provide clubs and the footballing authorities to do something different . From FIFA to the corridors of power at Hampden Park there is a need for reform and making sure the key stakeholders -the fans is the most important part of the equation.

The hopes and aspirations of supporters the length and breath of the. Country is that with our collective voice now it will be different

You can download the Manifesto at

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