The National slide by Robert Gillan

Date: 17th October 2016

Scotland’s Game

Scotland’s dismissal performances against pretty average sides in lithuania and Slovakia, and surprising enough we are just 3 points off the leaders England, it’s broke and the only ones that can fix it is the staff and players.

Manager, backroom staff the players on the park are all collectively to blame.

The squad selection needs to be looked at, listen! we are Scottish and we have our own
league we don’t need to look around England Premiership and Championship teams with
Scots based players most of them on the bench for their clubs and fringe players desperate to make a mark with their selective clubs. The other thing I like to point out squad announcement 28 players for the both games, Why on earth does a squad have to be so big, ok there is a few call offs upcoming day’s closer to the fixtures, in the both matches Scotland has a bench of 12 subs.

The responsibility to kept every player happy comes greater.The workload will be bigger, in the modern game managers and squad must be very versatile and be able to adapt to change whatever happens in the 90 mins of the game. The game plan in my eyes will be far to complicated with 12 subs on the bench , look at all the permutations the manager and squad have got to deal with.

Let’s go back to 7 subs on the bench and keep the game plan simple.

Be great to get your views so get in touch with your thoughts



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