The Game Unites to Halt the European Super League

Date: 22nd April 2021

The SFSA has been in existence for 6 years and what we have learned in that time is that it is not very often that anyone in the game listens to the views of the fans.  The events over the last week have shown that when supporters of the game do unite under a common cause then the outcome can be significant and dramatic. The emergence of the so called Super league might not  seem that significant to football fans in Scotland but  in fact there are many aspects of this scenario that we believe have direct impact here is Scotland. When you strip everything away from the proposals what you will find is that the larger clubs, many of which are owned by hedge funds and  investors, totally misunderstood and disregarded the history of the game, the clubs and the importance of the “real” fans.  Those supporters are not an audience number in Shanghai or Delhi they are the living heart and soul of football. Shankly always spoke of the Holy Trinity, “The players, the manager and the supporters” and of course it was the combined efforts of all those working together in this unique Alliance to condemn the plans that eventually sunk it without trace.

There has been a creeping power and money grab from the larger clubs for the past 25 years so this is nothing new and it is now being recognised that reform of the governance of the game is called for. In 2017 the SFSA conducted and audit of the governance in the game that was conducted by independent German Academic that found that the governance of the game here in Scotland was not fit for purpose. Events over the past 18 months have not changed that viewpoint. We at the SFSA continue to call for significant reforms of our game and we will be working tirelessly to make this happen.



The power of united fans cannot be underestimated and by coming together, change can be implemented. Join the SFSA today and help strengthen the voice of fans here in Scotland:

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