The return of English football: A day to celebrate

Date: 17th June 2020

The return of English football – a day to celebrate by SFSA co-founder, Paul Goodwin

Tonight sees the return to our screens  of real live football, no reruns, no documentaries just real  live games playing for points that matter – even if it is behind closed doors. Of course we have already got  “soulless” football in Germany and in Tanzania that are the first country in Africa to have fans back in the grounds. However, across the border is very much more interesting to us here in Scotland as we have always been served a scrumptious diet of Match of the Day for many a year meaning that most Scottish Football fans have a favourite English team.

As  a young lad I loved Leeds United for a few reasons. I once met Frankie Gray when I was training at Drumchapel Amateurs where he came to pass on some tips to us. I also loved the all white kit and more than anything I loved wee Billy Bremner and all the Scots that played for the team. As that era passed I guessed it was pretty easy to change second teams and I enjoyed following the Liverpool of Dalglish, Hansen, Souness, Wark, Gillespie, Nicol etc again it was all about the Scots. I never really watched them in the flesh never been to either ground but for a while they were my English teams.

However, the team that really is my genuine English team that I can’t change is not so successful and one that I have watched many times over the years – step forward Sunderland AFC. The reason I have followed them  and sadly still do, is two fold.In the first instance as  young man my Dad worked in Sunderland for a couple of years and he swopped Firhill for Roker Park and grew to love the Black Cats. The second reason they became my real English team is that my closest friend from University days is a chap called Gordon Alexander who  has always been a Sunderland fans as it is where his family hail from. Having lived close  by to Gordon I would chum him over many years to the occasional trip to The Stadium of Light and more regularly to away grounds around the M25.

So my team will not be playing tonight but I would be interested to hear from other fans just what English team they follow and why?

Ps my 15 year old son is a Man City fan – just because “they play marvellous  football and you don’t get that at Firhill”

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