The season ahead

Date: 27th July 2019

We are back

After a holiday and several weeks of having someone in Paris playing with our severs, we are delighted to be back, just before the new league season kicks off.

Thanks to everyone for the contributions last season as it really helps the organisation grow and develop when members volunteer to take on some of the wide range of activities. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a run through of some of the areas we hope to cover this year. So if you want to help – please step forward!



We will continue to meet with them and press the case for having our organisation properly represented at Hampden Park.

The Business of Fans – supported by BeGambleAware

Research into youth football’s cross over into watching our game, debunking the myths on Strict Liability and an event and research into the benefits and concern around gambling in the game

Member’s research

We are just 4 years old and we need to look towards our members to reflect on the way forward for the organisation.

Malawi & Scotland

We will be looking at how we support this unique partnership opportunity and will be making an appropriate funding application soon.

The Fans Fund

We are a vital part of the football economy, yet have little say in how the game develops – watch this space as out team explores how we might change that.


The Fans Awards

We will be looking to continue the only awards that directly ask the fans for their opinions on the best and worst of Scottish Football.

An updated website

Thanks to our design partners at Total Brand a lovely new website will be making an appearance very soon.

Remember if you want us to look at other issues just get in touch with us and we can discuss with you.

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