The SFA in the spotlight – the SFSA perspective

Date: 12th December 2016

The SFSA has added its voice on the question of historical child abuse issues in football,. We realise The SFA are in the midst of conversation about these sensitive, complex and important matters – including one with Police Scotland.

Our own view is that it would be appropriate, necessary and helpful for the SFA to agree to an independent enquiry on this, led by a senior legal figure and involving experts from the field, some of whom also have knowledge and understanding of football. We would be happy to help identify some suitable candidates.

We welcome the fact that the SFA have already expressed a willingness to be open on this question, and acknowledge that the scope and terms of reference must be carefully calibrated to ensure that there is no confusion or interference with criminal proceedings and police investigations.

We also note that a wide range of figures with concerns about historical abuse issues in football and beyond are now urging such an enquiry, including the Scottish Government’s Education Secretary.

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