The SFA should have us playing in BLUE at Wembley by John Davidson

Date: 2nd November 2016


we thought you might be interested in reading the thought’s of John Davidson one of our members- your thoughts please….


Dear Paul
As I understand it.the issue is not that we have to wear our away strip( the ridiculous pink).but that the white sleeves on the equally ridiculous home strip, clashes with England’s white.
Surely it is not too late for Adidas,if we are contracted to them, to produce our traditional all blue shirt.
I have not missed a Scotland England Wembley match since my first one in 1967.
To see us in any other strip than our traditional one will make me quite ill.
How I and thousands of others will feel if, as it seems almost certain now, that we will be watching this vile pink affair,does not bear thinking.
Can we not do anything?

Kind regards
John Davidson

our response to John

I totally agree with you and something that could easily be done as a one off and sold as a limited edition to satisfy the corporate greed. Are you happy for me to put your comments below on the web site etc and push to the SFA.

Sadly we are still in a position where they don’t listen to us. I raised the awful pink shirt issue with them a few weeks back and was just told “it is selling well”.

There is no reason why the 36,000 members that they take money off could not get a say an selecting which strip. I did same when I ran Stirling Albion and we sold more strips on the back of it. Of course at the back of this is the total lack of respect for fans from SFA / FIFA etc and changing that is painful but we have already made significant progress in that area.

If you would like to get more involved or know other who have skill sets we can use. get in touch I need to recruit more shoulders to the wheel see


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