The Tartan Army Suinshine predictor

Date: 3rd August 2018

John Daly 2:20pm Aug 3
The time is nearly upon us, with the start of the world famous Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal Predictor

It’s the same platform as we used for last year’s competition, as well as the highly successful World Cup one – so if you’ve played previously, you’re already halfway there.

How to get involved

Firstly, you need to have a profile, so if you don’t already have one, create yours on the website – link at the end

The Competition

Like the World Cup competition, we’ll run it with 50% to the winner and 50% to the Sunshine Appeal

AND to give a little more interest for the end of the season, we’ll be doing a couple of fun additions*, with the best goal difference getting a ‘Bucket Hat’ and the lowest points scorer (Aka the wooden spoon) getting a ‘Scotland Also Invented’ tee shirt

* To make it fair, these prizes are based on those who’ve entered their predictions for at least 90% of the fixture

PLUS In addition to this, we’ll do Winter Break leader, which will be a voucher to use in our online shop to the value of £30

Joining Instruction

Why not join it with the fun and show off your guessing prowess?

Once you are on your profile page, you join the ‘Scottish Premiership’ competition, then you’ll see an option to join a mini-league – this is where you put the code to join our elite band of guessers

If you send £10 via PayPal to, using the Family and Friends option – this part is important as not using this option, only £9.54 reaches the Sunshine Appeal account.

Once you’re payment has been made, we’ll then send you the code to join the competition – this is to your PayPal email address

Best of luck
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