The things not to miss this week – BBC, Stonewall Report, Rangers v Celtic fixture, UEFA

Date: 26th September 2016

That was the football week 8 – 26/9/16 by the SFSA reporting team

A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.

The end for Supporters Direct in Scotland?

It is a shock to us that the organisation is still in existence as its grants from the Scottish Government ended some time ago. Of course in Scottish Football, fact is often stranger than fiction, and SD have they have been clinging onto a presence in Scotland through funding by the SFA. Our position is that there is only room for one truly national and inclusive fans organisation in Scotland and that it should be is run from within these borders. Despite many attempts to engage with their hierarchy in London they have ignored us.

Football History at Hearts

If you love social history and you love football it could be that a visit to the new Hearts Museum should be on your list the next time you are in Edinburgh. There is hardly a club in Scotland that does not have a fantastic history that helps wed each club into the fabric of its community. Indeed we believe that there is a huge opportunity to market the history of Scottish football in a different way and we will be announcing plans around this in the coming months.

Elsewhere- our top picks

From virtual reality to socks to the “Netflix of sports” — these nine companies are changing football through technology and innovation (City A.M.)
Modern football has become a magnet for cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas. The ever-increasing sums of money sloshing around in the sport have raised the stakes, forcing clubs to seek out the next marginal gain through state of the art software and brilliant minds, as well as providing ample business opportunities for enterprising fans. LINK

How Sports Teams Give Fans the Experience They Demand (BizTech Magazine)
For sports teams, the most obvious way to give fans a great experience is to put a great team on the field or court. “We need better pitching,” quipped Dave St. Peter, president of the Minnesota Twins, when asked what challenges his team faces in delivering a great fan experience, during a panel at the 2016 AXS Sports Facilities and Ticketing Symposium in Minneapolis. LINK

In Europe

We all like to celebrate when the underdogs in football achieve something unexpected so we do like this story from Germany where Cologne reached the top of the Bundesliga.

From mowing to mascots all you want to know about UEFA

A lovely piece of Uefanalia in the New York Times this week. Rory Smith has read the 155-page Champions League club manual so that you don’t have to. Toilets, logos, ‘beauty cameras’ and grass patterns, it’s all in there. The regulations are tight, and often pernickety, sure, but Uefa can point to one of the strongest brands in global sport as vindication.

Icelandic football not happy with makers of FIFA17

The head of Iceland’s football association (KSI) has denounced the makers of FIFA 17 for showing them no respect by freezing the country out of the long-awaited video game.
Iceland, who went into the tournament as relative minnows, caused the biggest upset at Euro 2016 by knocking out England yet will not feature in the game following a row over payments with Electronic Arts (EA).

Video Referee trails in Holland

Anouar Kali could only smile in disbelief. The Willem II midfielder was assessed a red card and sent off from a Dutch Cup match Wednesday after a Video Assistant Referee sitting in a van advised a match official to change the original yellow card ruling. Could this be rolled out across all the top divisions in Europe in the coming seasons? Watch this space!

At the SFSA this week

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• Our Co Founder Paul Goodwin appeared on BBC Radio Scotland talking to John Beattie about the Stonewall Report 36 minutes into the show – You can read the report here reading-for-scottish-football/
• Goodwin also spoke alongside Broadcaster Roddy Forsyth and Telegraph writer on BBC with Bill Whiteford about the next Rangers and Celtic at Hogmanay. Listen 1 hour 8 minutes into the Broadcast

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Published 26/9/16

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