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Date: 4th October 2016

That was the football week 9 – 2/10/16 by the SFSA reporting team

A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.

Fans survey tells us so little

Through funding by the SFA the English run football business Supporters Direct gave us the results of the questions that they had asked fans. These surveys are conducted annually to as part of the SFA’s 2020 plan to seek to find the views of the fans. Unfortunately, there is very real insight into the state of the game and no chance for the real views of fans to be given as the questions are all closed and chosen by the football authorities. It feels like a tick box exercise and the fact it went virtually unreported by the press emphasis that there is much to be done to fight the malaise in football.

If fans really want their say fill in our membership form- we have a place for you to tell us what you think about the SFA and the SPFL and those findings do make remarkable reading. Maybe in future we will get some crowd funding to let everybody get a realistic perspective of what fans really think!

Football fans behaviour across Europe

If fans behave badly in Europe the clubs they support have sanctions applied to them. Across many countries this Strict Liability has been deemed a success in helping curb bad behaviour in areas such as hooliganism and racism. On Radio Scotland Dave Scott of Nil by Mouth who have been campaigning for the introduction of Strict Liability in Scotland said that they had written to all of Scotland’s 42 senior clubs and not one had the courtesy to write back to them regarding this issue. That in itself is sad reflection of how far we have to come to get clubs to take these issues seriously. The get out of jail card that the SFA handed Hibernian and Rangers after the Cup Final has just exacerbated the situation for the Scottish Government who want to see more appropriate action taken.

Take part in this survey

With the rights that supporters have as customers ( yes we know you hate being called that) they also have responsibilities too. Working with our colleagues from across Europe at Football Supporters Europe we want you to access the behaviour of fans and help us produce research on this matter across Europe.

Please take just 5 minutes to tell us what you think about fan behaviour.

We love the Scottish Cup

This is a great insight into the excitement generated at junior football and of course the potential of a cup run too. If you love football you will enjoy this read.

Safe standing

We have “safe” rail style standing recently installed at Celtic and it has been universally applauded by fans up and down the country as a great success.

The most obvious place to see it in Scotland would be at Aberdeen as part of the stadium redevelopment plans. Given the investment involved to convert to rail seating there seems to be little chance of seeing elsewhere in Scotland. At Liverpool there is a view that adopting safe standing would be a fantastic legacy for Hillsborough victims.

Elsewhere- our top picks


Manchester City spray their park with garlic- Yes we know it sounds mad but they claim the smell is worth it – read why?



The Big Sam scandal opens a can of worms or is it spaghetti?

In Europe

From mowing to mascots all you want to know about UEFA

Will you marry me Senga?

Stop the stupid wedding proposals as sports event – we didn’t do it so what should you, I am divorced, you look like a prat etc etc

Swedish club say thanks to the oldest supporters

Video Referee trails in Holland

Anouar Kali could only smile in disbelief. The Willem II midfielder was assessed a red card and sent off from a Dutch Cup match Wednesday after a Video Assistant Referee sitting in a van advised a match official to change the original yellow card ruling. Could this be rolled out across all the top divisions in Europe in the coming seasons? Watch this space!

Watch: Dutch Soccer Player First To Be Given Red Card Following Video Assistant Referee Review

China rising

China could well be a threat to the world order in Football- they have the money and they have the passion so expect a World Cup bid soon and 20 years from now the new Messi or Ronaldo might be from Guangdong Province!

China’s ten most valuable soccer teams are worth an average of $130 million; as Forbes points out, that’s not far off the $197 million average value of the top ten MLS clubs. My takeaway: is there a piece on the burgeoning Chinese soccer market without the wisdom of Prof Simon Chadwick in it? The expert’s expert. In other China news, the French Football League and the French Football Federation have joined forces to open their first overseas office in Beijing.

At the SFSA this week

• Monthly news letter. If you want involved just contact us. Remember you can follow us on Face book and Twitter too!
• Good meetings held with the Scottish Governments Football Advisor updating on SFSA progress and discussion on Strict Liability.
• Sensational meeting with author Mike McInnes who has created Homo Passiens about man the footballer. Look out for more on that at a later date
• Discussion with the SFA who gave us permission to record fans outside Hampden Park at the forthcoming Scotland v Lithuania match.

Published 02/10/16

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