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Date: 5th September 2016

That was the football week 5 – 5/9/16 by the SFSA reporting team

A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.

Scotland’s win opening World Cup qualifying game!

Given that Malta, ranked 147th in the world, have only won two of their last 150 competitive games it was something we could and should have been predicted…. a comfortable Scotland win. Nevertheless sitting at 1-1 draw at half time, more than a few anxious moments had to be endured before we got over the finishing line. We all live in hope that this is, just the start of something special and that Oliver Burke is indeed going to be our Gareth Bale.

Celtic v Rangers

Like a steam train coming down the track, the big show down is coming your way at high noon on Saturday. That means that supporters of every other club in Scotland will try to avoid the media this week as the greatest derby game in the world gets page after page of mostly drivel written to try and sell a paper or two. Let us all hope for the sake of the whole Scottish game that it passes off without the type of incidents that sadly so often have blighted this fixture in the past.

How do top teams keep on winning?

How do the best teams in the world keep winning? This is as super little video from a management conference that shows how teams like the All Blacks and Red Arrows strive to constantly improve.

Elsewhere- our top picks

In Europe

Ever wondered how big the market is for football shirt sales then have a read here and see how the value of sales has risen by 35% in the BPL last season. That increase of course helps fuel the overall cost of being a sponsor for a top club. It is a sad reflection that the only people who seem to be able to afford that level of spend at Bookmakers. Not sure what that teaches the next generation of football fans.

Foreign investment helps European football shirt sponsorship surge by 13%


In these dark days for football with world icons such as Platini and Beckenbauer’s reputations being seriously questioned it comes as no surprise to hear that, the deluded uncle of football, Mr Blatter remains “confident” that his ban will be over turned. Watch this space.

Who earns what in football?

Gianni Infantino has accepted a salary of $1.53 million a year, with FIFA No.2 Fatma Samoura set to receive $1.3 million.

Under the contract, Infantino also gets a car and lodgings paid during his term of office and “contribution for expenses in accordance with FIFA’s expenses regulations ($2,000 per month)”.

Now it might seem ludicrous to suggest that big salaries that are paid at FIFA would never be repeated here in Scotland but with the CEO’s of the SFA and SPFL earning more than the Prime Minister. Now that is something that is hard to believe.

Published 5/9/16

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