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Date: 18th October 2016

That was the football week 10 – 17/10/16 by the SFSA reporting team

A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.

Scotland fails to deliver once again

Scottish football need to change. The interesting thing is despite the failings of the manager and players the debate is now much wider and deeper.

The supporters voices have are joined my many commentators who feel that radical change is required to push football in a completely new direction in our country. The Administrators that run our game have completely failed to respond to the changes in World Football over the last 10 years and we are in danger of being marooned in our own self pity. With another new performance strategy imminent following the departures of Wotte and McClair we will have the third attempt on having a professional football person improve our performance on the park. Read more here

Strachan’s tactics all wrong? Author and Coach Robert Gillan thinks they were

Celtic and Rangers to sail off to the Atlantic league?

With the exit blocked to the Premier League in England and the Champions league becoming a closed shop for those big clubs from big countries there is a very real possibility of the so called Atlantic League coming to fruition.

The interesting thing for us to observe is that the talk is not coming from the east end or south side of Glasgow this time and with major reforms at UEFA it might just have a chance of emerging as part of a restructure.

Chelsea kit deal a global record

As if it was not depressing enough for fans of clubs with only a few quid in the kitty, the recent announcement that Chelsea has now signed the biggest ever global kit deal for £900m is a sad reflection on the changing game.

What it reminds us is that as more money is poured into the game south of the border it is essential that we have a renewed strategy for the game in Scotland. We have no doubt that the lights will be on late at Hampden Park over coming months to deliver a compelling plan.

Raith Rovers fans gives back to fellow fans

It is never easy being a nomad fan, away form your club, exiled in a foreign country. Read how one wonder fan continues to back her club financially.

Football fans behaviour across Europe Please take part in this survey

With the rights that supporters have as customers (yes we know you hate being called that) they also have responsibilities too. Working with our colleagues from across Europe at Football Supporters Europe we want you to access the behaviour of fans and help us produce research on this matter across Europe.

Please take just 5 minutes to tell us what you think about fan behaviour.

A green card for sportsmanship

Yes it happened in Italy of all places, in the land where hard tackling and diving used to proposer. We think it is a silly idea that should be confined to the UEFA and FIFA trash bin? Have a read and let us know your thoughts.

Safe standing

We have “safe” rail style standing recently installed at Celtic and it has been universally applauded by fans up and down the country as a great success.

The most obvious place to see it in Scotland would be at Aberdeen as part of the stadium redevelopment plans. Given the investment involved to convert to rail seating there seems to be little chance of seeing elsewhere in Scotland. At Liverpool there is a view that adopting safe standing would be a fantastic legacy for Hillsborough victims.

Elsewhere- our top picks


Walking football

With a growing audience this new version of the glorious game is become so popular that the FA a have decided it now needs some rules.

Worldwide news

Changes in Spain

Outspoken Spanish league president Javier Tebas, who has refused to condemn third party ownership despite widespread opposition to the practise, has been handed a second four-year term.

Qatar in the news again

A new legal challenge is emerging over the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar. We have yet to meet a football fan from anywhere in Europe who wants to go to Qatar or Russia for the next World Cups – power and money dictate otherwise.

Across the World – an option for the new Aberdeen Stadium?

AI Is Helping Pacers Fans Get Their Beer, Nachos Quicker (PC Mag)
Arenas are increasingly becoming high-tech affairs, from super-fast Wi-Fi to the massive displays that keep fans apprised of the action. But as Bloomberg reports, the Indiana Pacers and a startup called WaitTime are teaming up to battle a major gametime inconvenience: long lines at the concession stands

At the SFSA this week

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Published 17/10/16

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