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Date: 11th September 2016

That was the football week 6 – 12/9/16 by the SFSA reporting team

A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.

European Football – all change!

As Celtic prepare to face the giants of Europe there is further news that could make depressing reading for Scottish Clubs.
In a move that could have wide-ranging repercussions and cause a potentially hugely damaging split, the umbrella organisation that represents the Continent’s top leagues has angrily rejected UEFA’s reforms of the Champions League and Europa League.
In a hard-hitting statement issued ahead of a meeting in Amsterdam to be followed by a press conference, the European Professional Football Leagues accused UEFA of breaching the terms of the deal that governs European club competitions.

Celtic v Rangers business as usual

Like a steam train coming down the track, it came and it went in a midday flash on Saturday. What we learned is that the Away toilets need some redecoration thanks to the efforts of some morons who don’t realise that Rangers will be billed for their misdemeanours’ .If is costs say £15,000 for the restoration it will be £15,000 less for Rangers to spend on other things. On the park what we also learned is that there is no doubt a gulf between the sides; but until the sending off it certainly didn’t look like a 5-1 score line.


Could a salary cap be the way to ensure better competition?

Could a salary cap work in Scotland – probably not; but it is a serious consideration in the EPL. Here is what is happening in Rugby.

Elsewhere- our top picks

There is still too much hatred in football and our friends at Show Racism the red card want more to be done to stop it!

Brexit – what does it mean for Scottish Football?

The English Football Association fears that Britain’s exit from the European Union may hinder efforts to stage major tournaments in future and wants to find out whether Brexit had damaged relations within FIFA and UEFA. Despite a lot of heavyweight political discussion there seems to be no mention of the subject from the sixth floor at Hampden Park.

Bans for life

As FIFA distribute a life time ban on one of its own who would qualify for a ban is Scotland – surely those you have brought the game into disrepute through their financial misconduct. The question is why has nothing ever been done about this?

Remember Ryan Gauld?

The hottest prospect in Scottish football a few years back has failed to make his mark in Portugal but he still thinks he made the right decision to go abroad.

In Europe

Ever wondered how big the market is for football shirt sales then have a read here and see how the value of sales has risen by 35% in the BPL last season. That increase of course helps fuel the overall cost of being a sponsor for a top club. It is a sad reflection that the only people who seem to be able to afford that level of spend at Bookmakers. Not sure what that teaches the next generation of football fans.

Foreign investment helps European football shirt sponsorship surge by 13%

New research in Finland suggests that children need 3 hours a day of physical exercise to be healthy. Could football play a part in providing it across Scotland? Undoubtedly the way to get more kids playing football is through re-engaging with schools that have been ignored for far too long!


Gianni Infantino having just accepted a salary of $1.53 million a year, with FIFA No.2 Fatma Samoura set to receive $1.3 million have started to get down to work. High on his agenda is being nice to the poor countries like Scotland that don’t qualify for the World Cup. His plan is simple – extend the competition to have 40 teams at the finals. Given that we got excited (an even better opportunity for Scotland to Qualify) with the Euro Championship bringing in 8 extra places for 2016

At the SFSA

• A successful Board meeting this week with hopefully new faces coming to join us soon
• Good meetings with the BBC and the Daily Record /Sunday Mail
• Complete the Football Supporters Europe fans behaviours survey
• Work ingoing regarding the Fans Awards

Published 12/9/16

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