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Time up for the booze ban at football stadiums?

Date: 15th February 2017

Time up for the booze ban at football stadiums?

This is an old topic that been going around in circles for years. We have all heard the stories of the 1980 Cup Final riots and why those dark days should never be allowed to return; but in 2017 the question is how long will it take before Football fans stop being treated like second class citizens?

Today we see yet another article that challenges the status quo.

Those of us old enough to have actually have attended that infamous match, know that whilst there were many more factors that contributed to the unrest that day. Remember this was the days of the troubles in Northern Ireland and of very real sectarian bile in Glasgow, of drink being smuggled into games on steep banked terraces that in many cases were death traps waiting to happen. The sponsorship boxes, corporate hospitality and ladies day events that now happen at grounds across the country were pipe dreams waiting to happen.

Just as the stadiums have changed so has society and yet it seems that the chances of football supporters being treated equally to the rugby fans seems something that is still light years away.

Here at the SFSA our view is that there should be provision for an “occasional license” which is common practice say if you wanted to put run a bar at your local village hall for a birthday party. The local authority would look at each application /game on its merits and decide whether to grant the license to the club. So it were Stirling Albion v Montrose which was played on a Saturday there would be virtually no policing at the game and it would easily be approved but if it were Celtic V Rangers it would be knocked back given the profile of the game.

It is fair to say that this is a political football and for years football fans have been treated like second class citizens but such is the power of the police lobby that getting it changed to the system we mention above is a challenge. Nearly every year a fans survey shows that over 80% of fans are in favour of some sort of change. Surely now there is now reason why some trails could not be developed in time for a roll out across the country at the start of season 2017/18.

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