Try football for free? Could it work here in Scotland?

Date: 6th March 2017

Try football for free? Could it work here in Scotland?

We have thousands of empty seats at football grounds around the country every week that need filled. We were interested to see another sport is trying to attract new people to try it out .

Given the fact that most fans want a vibrant atmosphere at home grounds and clubs need to find new customer bases to try the product we can see exactly how it might work across the whole of the country. We could start by having a national kids go free day given that the younger audiences are the ones we need to attract to play and watch football. A suitable sponsor would love to have such a great concept and it could be wrapped up around the first game of the season or a bank holiday weekend.

Other campaigns to attract bespoke audiences such as families, women and lapsed ( armchair fans) could also be considered and of course with every free ticket we would have data capture and be able to evaluate participation.

The only objections would come from clubs many who have the short sighted view that giving anything away is a mistake. There is also the concern that Rangers and Celtic would not participate – given that they hardly need any more fans it is hardly a problem to worry about. There would also be the fear that those fans who buy a season ticket would object. This seems to be a bit disingenuous as supporters want a strong club and any initiative to bring more fans in and to try to increase the fans base and make more atmosphere at games would be applauded.

Now surely is the time that we try to innovate and explore if it could work in Scotland, We will write to the SPFL and we will

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