TV – time for a debate

Date: 31st December 2015

The TV debate begins…

It was a thought provoking email that we sent out last week regarding the need for Scottish Football to reassess it’s relationship with the Broadcast media. It is something that we will discuss in further detail when we launch our manifesto at Holyrood on 7th January.

Of course our concept raised a few eye brows given that our Ambassador Gary McAllister was recently involved working in the media, as do many of our other valuable supporters. What we want is a constructive debate over the role of broadcasting in general and how everybody working together will allow for all parties to better understand the role broadcasting plays within our game. We as a fans organisation want the same things as the Broadcasters; exciting games, great atmosphere in packed stadiums and great competition. What Gary believes as we do at the SFSA is that Scottish football needs our Broadcast partners to help take our game forward and that working with them will be beneficial to everybody in the longer run. The stark reality is that without the likes of Sky and BT Scottish Football would be in a very dark place commercially. What did emerged from the views expressed by the membership is that all fans want to see Scottish football on TV and of course through their subscriptions they pay for it, just as they pay at the turnstiles.

There is no doubt that the Broadcast Media and indeed the emergence of Digital Media has now changed the football landscape forever. It is essential that fans need to consider both the positive and negative aspects and that this new relationship has emerged in the past few years and that have a very grown up conversation as to how we can all work together to make the game we all love better. From our perspective having the likes of Gary McAllister on board is really important as he can provide a unique insight, as a Broadcaster, a player and of course as a supporter of our game and that will be a very important perspective as the debate emerges.

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