Unacceptable Fan Behaviour – an update from the SFSA

Date: 3rd March 2019

Unacceptable Fan Behaviour – an update from the SFSA
We discussed at length this whole area at our Board meeting on Wednesday .Of course strict liability is very much part of the discussion. It is interesting that the SFA are asking for the Scottish Government for help, yet we have to assume that they would be opposed to any legislation to enforce Strict Liability.
At our Board Meeting we agreed to fully explore all the options that are available across Europe and to provide a document that debunks some of the myths around Strict Liability and explore what could work in Scotland. We know that in Europe SL has been used to combat homophobia and racism with a degree of success. We also know that it has proven less successful in other areas. We will over the coming weeks research this area and of course seek to educate clubs and supporters. As part of this process we will also work with our members to get an understanding of how they feel about this. What is essential in this process is that the National Fans Association is consulted through this process by all parties to ensure that law abiding fans have a significant input to the decisions that are being made.
The view of our Board is that something has to be done soon and that we would much prefer a solution that is created and endorse by football and regulated through the Club Licensing rather than legislation.
Discussions have already started with the UEFA funded organisation Football Supporters Europe to see what support they can provide for us see https://www.fanseurope.org/en/

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