VAR – good or bad for football? Your chance to tell us what you think!

Date: 13th November 2023

VAR has been with us for a year. It is, we’d argue, the most divisive issue in Scottish football and the controversy shows no sign of abating. Last year, we organised a survey during the 2022 World Cup break, with the results being reported in January 2023. Overall, the results suggested that fans are not, in general, happy with VAR.  In particular…

  • 91% of supporters said the length of time taken by VAR to make some decisions is an issue for them.
  • 86% said they do not understand the law around handball regarding penalty decisions.
  • 75% said that VAR has reduced their enjoyment of football matches.
  • 74% said refereeing performances have worsened since the introduction of VAR.
  • 56% would rather tolerate more incorrect decisions than tolerate the disruption to matches caused by VAR.

Now, just over a year later, we’re revisiting this survey. It’s timely, because VAR has been very much in the news recently, both north and south of the border.  To help give people both sides of the argument, we commissioned articles for and against VAR. Please read these if you have time and see if they influence you.  Then, take our survey, share it, post it into your team’s fans’ Facebook page and let’s see if we can get a big a response as possible.  Thank you for taking the time to participate.


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