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Date: 23rd February 2021

The latest blog from SFSA writer Donald Stewart:

Can there be any other topic of conversation the now other than the 5 numpties who went and broke COVID regulations once again?

Condemnation shall rightly be theirs as people begin to reign down on the heads of them and their futures. Once again, given that they are fringe players there is every possibility that a punishment shall be found unlikely to hamper the progression of their club towards a trophy or two… or three…

That any other club was brought into focus given that St. Mirren, Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, Livingston and Celtic have had their own issues with the pandemic and some criticism too is obvious. Sport and football has struggled a little with the whole shebang.

Novak Djokovic suggested more relaxed COVID arrangements, world title fights in boxing have been called off due to positive tests and rugby has also seen coaches and players fall victim to the same problems. Elite sports throughout the world are trying.

Some, though, seem to be trying the patience of those in charge.

Nicola Sturgeon gave us a yellow card some time ago. She then came out very critical of Celtic in their Dubai trip and got some back for even saying so. Celtic, of course ended up with players isolating afterwards, and it could be argued that karma can be problematic.

It followed the absurdity of one Celtic player having a weekend away in Spain and then coming back to play at Killie.

Rangers dealt severely with a couple before hand and they are now pursuing their careers away from Ibrox.

But do you see what happened there?

Despite the Aberdeen eight, the number of times Kilmarnock have had their training and playing disrupted, the visit by Livingston to a Tony Macaroni’s and the problems associated with COVID in Paisley I end up turning it into a comparison of two clubs.

I never meant to, but with over 50% of supporters having an affinity for either Rangers or Celtic, it often ends up with us having to reflect that in our comments. It often feels like a fishbowl because people try and make it like a fishbowl.

I can just hear the howls of derision if because Brechin City players end up with 25 of them self-isolating and Nicola Sturgeon calls a press conference to call for the end of the season and banning any games being played that planet football would implode. The hedge would probably be set alight by the Angus True Blues or the Moravcik Martyrs of Moray. (Other fictional supporters clubs of other real football clubs are available).

But if the top two clubs cannot be the models to which the Hibernians, and the St. Johnstones or the Hamiltons or the Dundee Uniteds then we shall be doomed.

Of course, according to Darryl Broadfoot, on Sportsound, at the time of the yellow card, Nicola Sturgeon cannot stop football so what should we be worried about…

I am glad that Rangers are worried about it though…

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