What does the Craig Whyte story tell us about the SFA? by Steve McGregor

Date: 12th June 2017

What does the Craig Whyte story tell us about the SFA? by Steve McGregor

The court proceedings are over the TV cameras have gone ,Donald Finlay will return to defending murderers and other very bad people and Craig Whyte will disappear from Scotland. The questions have to be asked about what Scottish Football has learned from this experience?

Sadly, the whole Rangers saga has left a stain on Scottish Football that remains marking the leadership at Hampden Park and defining the time in office of both CEO’s. From the initial implosion to the cries of Armageddon the integrity of our game has been tarnished and has still not recovered. To say that Stewart Regan was badly advised last week by jumping on the Craig Whyte bandwagon is a bit of an understatement. Having been disqualified as a Company Director before he bought Rangers both the SFA and David Murray should have chased Whyte. Instead he was welcomed into Scottish Football.

We have to presume that Whyte passed the fit and proper test of the then Rangers owner and the SFA. So why is Regan now coming out saying that Whyte ( who let us not forget was cleared in court) will not be allowed in football again. There is an expression about closing a stable door after the horse has bolted that the SFA might consider!

Likewise, will there be other proclamations coming from Hampden about Murray, Green,Romanov and Masterton who all sold clubs down the river in the past? We would also like to see what the current fit and proper person test is and see whether it is fit for purpose!


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