What next for Scotland’s game?

Date: 3rd October 2016

Scotland’s Game – a simple perspective

Most people who saw Scotland’s Game on BBC were left scratching collective heads and wondering just what we have been doing here in the last 30 years.After a few weeks the dust has settled and Scottish football has gone back to doing what it does best and ignoring the fact that our game is in serious decline . So what did the programme highlight? Scottish Football has little innovation, no strategic master plan and a members club mentality that fosters and promotes self interest above all . There seems little ground for optimism and not even a spectacular game of Champions League football which saw the plucky underdogs from the east end of Glasgow compete with Manchester City can hide the facts. Scottish Football needs radical reform if it is to survive. Yes it will always be there; but the global market has started to alter the way our game is and unless we change it, the decline will continue.

The SFSA – www.scottishfsa.org is just 18 months old and it was born out of frustration that the supporters in Scotland who contribute over 50% of the revenue for clubs do not have ANY say in how our game is run. Over the next year we will be tapping into the expertise and knowledge of our own supporters to offer new solutions that can drive change. To start that communication process we will have a monthly newsletter and a weekly Buzz Bulletin with things we think you might be interested in reading.

If you have not yet joined us please do so or if you would like to be added to the mailing list just send us an email to tom@scottishfsa.org


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