What’s in a Sin Bin?

Date: 11th June 2017

It’s a bit like, what did you do in the war daddy, but where were you during the latest set of play offs? Whilst innovation and the Scottish Football Association can often be described as strangers in a sentence, the SFA must take the credit for adopting play offs. Don’t’ they?
Now unless you have been on the moon, you will know that the playoffs have given us plenty to talk about. Just how did Edinburgh City do it against East Stirlingshire? Where are East Stirlingshire? Will John Hughes ever work in football again? No, seriously where are East Stirlingshire? Will Dundee United survive this relegation? And why are they not called East Stirling? Brechin City in the Championship – how? Are East Stirling their evil twin that really does exist in a parallel universe that is winning trophies and championships just to upset the supporters in this universe? Oh, and are Hamilton Academical just jammy, play off Kings or are the Premiership playoffs loaded in favour of the Premiership side?
No matter what your view – behind the sofa or in the opposition’s centre circle jumping about like a loon – playoffs have entered our psyche and ought to be here to stay.
But what else should we be trying out?
Sin bins?
There have been mentions made satirically of this on the Fighting Talk Saturday morning programme and what kind of offences would get you “done”. 20 minutes for “simulation” or a life time ban? 10 minutes of for kissing the badge or not celebrating scoring against your old team?
Goal line technology?
On a wet Thursday night at East Fife in October? Why not?
Referees sponsored by Specsavers for a laugh?
Hold on…
Colt Teams in the leagues?
Not again…
Inviting non-Scottish teams to be part of our national cup competitions?
That would be… wait a minute…
Failing in the final minute to hold on and beat England?
Actually, that doesn’t sound very new…
Whilst we hold our ears up against the radio to hear what the latest pundits and experts have to say about it why not ask the people who collectively see all the football?
Innovation – questionnaires and surveys?
I wonder if it will lead to a working group – here’s hoping eh?
East Stirlingshire… mmm?

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