When Will We Really Shake Them Up????

Date: 1st June 2019

9th June 2019


World Cup

Auld Enemy

Where’s the headlines? writes Donald C Stewart.

As we gear up for the only 21st Century World Cup appearance of a Scottish senior team what’s going on with our media and the feel good factor of football?

I can’t feel it – can you?

As fans we are going to be looking over at the event, surely we are, as the Scottish Women’s team – already having beat Brazil and Jamaica in the warm up – get their world cup underway. Ironically at a place where we drew with brazil in a world cup – France – the men’s team get to jealously look on. But do we have any feeling that THIS, THIS is our time?

Is there a MacLeod who could make a difference, whip us up to a frenzy – or have we “learned our lesson” and won’t indulge in such fantasy.

I am not looking for a world cup anthem or a mascot but surely a wee bit of excitement, razzmatazz and circumstance?


After England, Japan’s the 14th June and Argentina on the 19th. Will we qualify?

Possibly not but you know what?

We always loved the experience.

I just wish we could get more of a Scottish feel about it, but then again maybe the reporters don’t remember what it used to feel like, you know as Scottish team getting to a major championship…

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