Who are the dopes and doughballs?

Date: 21st June 2016


After the revelations recently that the SFA have seemingly let the whole doping agenda slide it would appear that UEFA, through the current European Championships are not going to let that happen. Some wits have suggested that had doping been used for senior executives we might not have had scandal, corruption or fifth and sixth officials behind the goal lines.

During the Euros we shall not see but we should be aware that there are targeted tests happening between 10th June and 10th July that ought to ensure that almost all players are tested at some point. That is both quite a feat and very reassuring.

Special attention though has been reserved for the Russian team. There have been continued scandals involving Russian athletes as recently as in the last month with positive meldonium tests surfacing. Their participation in Rio 2016 now also seems to have fallen this week past as the IOC have waded into their overall ban from athletics through the IAAAF – ever thought there are too many acronyms in sport… Since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the democratisation of Eastern Europe we are perhaps a little less smug about the butchness of East German swimmers but we do need to be on guard.

After all the product on the pitch is what interests us and having doped up players trying to gain advantages during games or risking their health or other people’s is not what makes us want to watch this great game OF OURS. Spectators need to be comforted that the level playing field relates to the action before a ball is kicked and we are not just talking the grass being cut evenly. We are all aware and ready for the gaps between teams that comes with every international tournament; this one shall be no different. What we expect are the upsets, the trouncings and the debates – as well as the English media excuses

We shall, no doubt find ourselves with Russian cousins, Welsh aunties or Slovakian uncles as we attempt to console our lack of appearance at the Euros with some form of anyone but them feeling. It shall not help us in the long term but it might make things easier in the short term? I don’t know about you, but it never keeps the doom and gloom away for very long…

Of course one of the worst aspects of the “Home Nations” all being there is that they are all now, England, Northern Ireland and Wales past the groups stages…

If only they could supply us with drugs to rid ourselves of that vision…

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