Who audits what happens at Hampden Park? by Steve McGregor

Date: 4th February 2016

unnamed (5)Who is in a position to audit our game? By Steve McGregor

An interesting article appeared tonight relating to the view of Hibs fans having concern about Craig Thomson been handed the forthcoming Hearts v Hibs Cup Tie this weekend.

For those of us non Hibs fans his ire has been raised with a below par performance that “the whole Hibs community” had to endure during the well know 5- 1 Hearts Cup Final a few years back. Now those of us who have seen Thomson in action over the years can totally understand the range that this man has caused at grounds around Scotland with his high and mighty strutting preening peacock attitude. I am not a Hibs fan; but I do have sympathy for anybody including my club I have to say who have had him in charge in important games – he naturally wants to be more important than the vital game he is officiating. But more on that problem later.

Aside of what I thought was a very interesting perspective in the article it raises two very important underlying issues here. The first is that there is a regular conflict of interest in the structure of the SPFL /SFA. Given it is a cartel, it should come as no surprise that Rod Petrie being part of that closed shop that he and others as well ( Peter Lawell comes to mind) have and continue to have conflicts of interest. What the Thomson situation shows is that whiles the Hibs community are fuming about his appointment there is not much change of the chubby moustachioed Hibs Chairman doing anything about it or indeed at the very least representing the views of his 14,000 plus key stakeholders.

The issue that arises here and remains unanswered is the complete lack of scrutiny of the club officials and the job they do supposedly on the behalf of us fans. In German, Scandinavia and in Spain fans can vote for the leader of the club and if he is doing a duff job you can vote him out. It is not perfect but it is a start. Now as afar as scrutiny of referees is concerned it really is far fetched in the extreme that in this day and age they are still able to judge themselves and have no independent audit of performance. Why not have a former player and manager take on that role for examaple.Now remember at the top of the game these guys can be bringing in £1000 for a game and yet they have their peers, evaluating them. Imaging if all our doctors or teachers had a few mates in to see how they were doing and to get them a few tips. In wider society the press and the banks had their own watchdogs and it was a shambles. What the cartel needs to wake up to is that paying customers have an expectation and it is not what they had in black and white in the 1950’s. The landscape has change and to have the Head of Referees, Crawford Allan say that Referees are watching the Australian trial and in the future our Refs might talk after the game, is disingenuous. He followed up his “positive” comments by saying that if they did eventually talk it would only be about certain incidents. Mr Allan is clearly living in a parallel universe if he thinks that is acceptable way to treat “customers” in 2016.

The original Robert Skinner article appeared on Scotzine and is here below for those who are interested. http://www.scotzine.com/2016/02/referee-craig-thomson-is-useless-but-does-it-goes-deeper/

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