Who Owns Ya? Who Owns Ya?

Date: 31st August 2019

Scottish football would seem to be, once again, attractive. Perhaps for some of us who have crashed out of the League Cup because we couldn’t tuck away a team from the league below it aint!

But for outside investors things are different…

That’s according to the new Hibernian owner, Ronald Gordon who has spent his own hard earned cash in buying into the Scottish Premiership. Edinburgh teams seem to have an over attractive foreign pull but more of that historical disaster later…

Of course, in the current state of the country, anything from abroad can be seen as well dodgy but even home grown takeovers can be tough.

Just ask Jacqui Low, Michael Robertson and the legendary Alan Rough who have been pushed out of the Board Room at Partick Thistle. As veteran striker Kenny Millar sends out the signals that all is well in the dressing room, the people in charge are clearly trying to get their heads round the situation around them in the Executive Suite.

We have seen major investor, the Weirs, withdraw support, a couple of buses for away games being withdrawn and the new board trying to make sure people are aware that the manager, Gary Caldwell has their support, their backing and the full player budget he needs to get Thistle back to the elite.

The fans though cannot ignore, the fact that the old board seem to be taking wide swipes at the new one, with statements that included things like, “… there have been damaging rumours about the competence of the previous board, especially around financial matters, that cannot go unchallenged. We want fans to be clear that Thistle was not failing under the previous board’s stewardship. Any further claim or suggestion to the contrary, implied or otherwise, will be challenged legally.”

The Jags Trust have their eye on things as they mentioned in a statement recently released when they said, “We will continue to monitor this situation and have communicated with the Club as representatives of a body of supporters with a significant shareholding, seeking an early opportunity to meet with members of the Board to be briefed on the current position vis-a-vis any potential change of ownership of The Club.”

Of course, foreign ownership has arrived once again in the capital with an American takeover of Hibernian. Across the city in Gorgie, foreign ownership is a stain. With that man Romanov having been accused and being investigated of fraud and the club now in the hands of Ann Budge whilst moving towards tentatively fan ownership; Hart of Midlothian are getting somewhere.

Wladimir Romanov was a false dawn. Initially seen as the answer to many prayers, he was going to get them into Europe, compete in Europe and win trophies in Europe. That dream fell into a £25 Million nightmare as debts mounted, the number of players ballooned and Romanov became the bete noire for ALL decent Hearts fans.

With a campaign to save the club from bankruptcy that saw for many the power of the piggy bank as younger fans broke open their savings to save the community they adored, administration was to follow in May 2013; the club was bought out of that one year later by Budge.

Given the warning from the new owner of Hibernian that Scottish football clubs might be a very attractive proposition for outside investment, Falkirk are considering offers to buy the club. They did not manage to get sufficient accord to proceed to fan ownership but what the new owners, should they be successful, look like, Bairns fans may hope they have a new sugar parent… They may include owners form the States, India and Italy as well as home grown interest, according to press speculation.

Given what has been happening down south with the likes of Bury staring into an abyss and Bolton Wanderers almost dependent upon added Fergie time to survive, the way things unfold may make headlines and cause headaches for fans in the very near future.

Of course, we shall be keeping an eye on things as they do or do not unfold…

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