Why do you love your club?

Date: 16th July 2020

Calling all fans! At the SFSA we are happy to announce that we are collating to publish a book all about love. We are asking individuals to contribute a short story about their love for their club.

Contributions do not have a minimum length but a maximum of around 1200 – 1500 words would be as high as we could accommodate.

To help, this guide is offered, not to keep all the contributions the same but just to help people focus on what might make for an interesting story.

Once we have contributions from as many clubs as we can muster, the contributions shall be edited by Donald C Stewart, one of our online writers and should there be more than one worthy contribution for a club, we shall look to put entries on our website, if they are not being included in the final book.

So, the following are prompt questions which could be used to structure your piece but if any are irrelevant, ignore them and similarly if they are no help at all ditch them!

The question we are posing is – why do you love your club?

On behalf of the SFSA, thanks for taking the time to tell us.

All entries should be emailed to paddy@scottishfsa.org

Who From whom did you get your love for your club?

Who took you to your first game?

Who inspired you from the terraces?

Who were your terracing companions?

What What got you to the first game?

What kept you coming back?

What is you biggest memory in following our team?

Where Is there somewhere that is significant in following your team?

Is there a particular spot in the ground that is yours that holds a particular form of affection?

Is there a gathering point, a common place to meet or a lucky route?

Why Why did you end up with the club that you did?

Have you ever been tempted to join a darker side?

When When did it all start?

When has been your biggest day in supporting your team?


Or simply why, when all else around you is going mad, when there are pandemics in the world hiding in dark corners, when there are people at work willing to ridicule you over the affection you hold for that “Diddy” team,

Do you still LOVE your club??

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