10 in a row – an unwanted record for National Team

Date: 8th October 2017

10 in a row – an unwanted record

For the 10th time of asking Scotland have failed to qualify for a major tournament which is a record that no supporter of our game is proud of. Failure after failure with managers carrying the can for failure that cuts deep into our national game. Is there anybody out there who can develop a plan to change our game?
Ironically, Scotland’s exit guaranteed Northern Ireland’s place in the play-offs, as one of the eight best second-placed teams from the nine groups in the European qualifying.

Whilst we saw a massive improvement over the last 6 games and players who did give their all, it was still not enough. It seemed strange to hear the manager lament that it is because we lack stature “Genetically, we are behind,” said head coach Strachan. Surely, after so many successive failures the people who make the decisions and have made the decisions over the 20 years should be held responsible for the continued failure of our nation. Sadly with a governance structure that has a Board at the SFA that changes every year and too many on the gravy train not willing to put aside the self interest of clubs the best we can hope for is for is getting lucky.

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