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27th September 2019

Aw naw…not another post Scotland fitba disaster bit of navel gazing

    After yet another chastening International break, an endless assortment of online bloggers, twitterati and pundits formed a long… Read more »

6th September 2019

The football family coming together

“Forever Bury has today launched a crowdfunding campaign to rebuild Bury FC. Bury supporters will not let our club die…. Read more »

31st August 2019

Who Owns Ya? Who Owns Ya?

Scottish football would seem to be, once again, attractive. Perhaps for some of us who have crashed out of the… Read more »

16th August 2019

 The Business of Fans -Women in Football research

The Business of Fans -Women in Football research Our research was published during the Women’s World cup and the plan… Read more »

16th August 2019

Understanding match fixing

Match Fixing – understanding that it is still going on. It could never happen here could it? Well actually  it… Read more »

27th July 2019

The season ahead

We are back After a holiday and several weeks of having someone in Paris playing with our severs, we are… Read more »

27th July 2019

And When the Music Stops…

Transfer Windows – is it the transfer of our dreams and hopes or the beginning of the failure as we… Read more »

15th June 2019

Growing Up…

By Donald C Stewart There’s more of us. No seriously there is. Now it might be the competitive nature of… Read more »

12th June 2019

Ordinary fans need to be wealthy to afford UEFA and FIFA tickets

  This story caught our eye as it emerged on the day that the EURO 2020 ticket prices were announced… Read more »

1st June 2019

When Will We Really Shake Them Up????

9th June 2019 France World Cup Auld Enemy Where’s the headlines? writes Donald C Stewart. As we gear up for the… Read more »