An update on the Fan-Led Review of the Game

Date: 17th March 2024

An update on the Fan-Led Review of the Game


In Scotland we have been campaigning to introduce an Independent Regulator for Scottish football. Following on from the demise of Glasgow Rangers in 2012, the financial collapses of Dunfermline and Hearts, and in addition to the missing Dundee FC vote in 2020, we believe an Independent Regulator or, at the very least , complete transparency and accountability is crucial for the sustainability of the beautiful game in Scotland.

In England the calls for an Independent Regulator have been about since 2013 when the FSA appeared in parliament to discuss the inability of football to self-regulate. Since then, the campaign grew and in 2019 the government included it in their manifesto, involving our English colleagues from the beginning. Just this week calls for an Independent Regulator have resurfaced following the EFL and Premier Leagues disagreement on funding from Premier League clubs to give the EFL clubs more money to bridge the gap.

The EFL put out a statement saying, “The League eagerly anticipates the introduction of the Football Governance Bill given it is now more important than ever that the Independent Regular is provided necessary powers to secure the long-term sustainability of the pyramid.”

The hope down south now is for the bill for an Independent Regulator for English football to be passed before the next general election, which will take place before the year is out.


The campaign in Scotland has been ongoing for less time, but the necessity for it remains. We were first invited to Holyrood in June 2022 to discuss the Fan-Led Review of the Game. Since the launch, there was significant interest across Holyrood and Ben MacPherson MSP raised the issue which went to a debate. We wrote to MSPs and asked the fans of Scottish football to write to their MSPs and try and gain their support for the debate.

Following on from the debate, there will be a round table discussion with representatives of parliament, SFA, SPFL and of course us, the SFSA. It is here that we will try and help everyone understand exactly why the fans feel the need for an Independent Regulator.

Hopefully we can all work together towards a better, transparent future for Scottish football!

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