Andy’s Sting In The Tale (03/03/23) “Sponsorship Spoilers”

Date: 3rd March 2023


The first trophy of the season has been awarded.
Sadly the occasion showcased the worst of Scottish football and it had nothing to do with a ball.

There was a little media attention afterwards but once again nothing will be done to address our open sore.
One day some high heid yin will have a lightbulb moment and finally understand that our toxic wee foible is damaging our game.
91% of fans want bigotry out.
And just think the damage to our commercial people’s scope to deliver wholesome sponsorships and investments.

But it is Scotland, and it is always going be easier to blame someone else and in reality, to then do nothing.




This Week’s Sting

1. Why is Nobody Doing Anything?

2. Highland Madness

3. Tone Deaf Fifa

4. MSPs Waking Up to Pay Per View


1. The Dark Side

There had been a running battle outside Hampden as early as 9am when fans had been given access to hang their ephemera.
Ron Gordon’s minute’s applause never had a chance.
Against a sunny, full ground one commentator called it – “Bigotry against a blue sky, – fireworks, smoke and rivalries rooted in religious and political beliefs from different centuries, held steadfast by the cultural phenomenon that Scottish football has allowed them to become”.

Police probe Celtic-Rangers brawl - LBCSome cynics would say that two clubs mostly benefit from the polarisation and have turned it into a recruitment strategy.
I’d agree with them and so would 91 % of Scottish fans from our research.
There is no excuse to celebrate a nineteen thirties vicious razor gang in any place in Scotland, or in a week where a police officer was shot, at a kids coaching session by some breakaway low lives for people to celebrate such violence.
I ask myself what Scottish fan wants to go to a public place and sing “Ooh Ah Up the Ra” as the innocent victim lies in the ICU in Omagh.

Cometh the Day


It might take a new first minister, a new minister for sport, if we ever get one, or a new football regulator but it is long past time that everyone on the Scottish bigotry bus should be frankly given the lie of the land, told what is and what is not allowed, and closely monitored.
Maybe even bring in Uefa.
Work with them to help clubs but always aware that it might finally need a big stick.
That should involve Uefa and then make sure all perpetrating clubs in the future are punished under a Uefa readjustment programme.
That will take cojones from the game and those in a position to join a round table for action.
The press silence is and has been shocking.
It should become a power for the good, and report all incidents classed as sectarian on an ongoing basis and the dialogue should start seeing not ‘bigotry’ but ‘racism’ as the cause.
Why are racist incidents not reported?
Or maybe just set out a charter and ask fans to do the right thing with positive support from the clubs.

Maybe not.

2. The Fans Deserve Better

Inverness CT future in 'significant doubt' after club post £835,000 loss in latest accounts - Daily Record
ICT. Assets £462K

ICT. Liabilities  £1,715K


Accountants warnings of the club being unable to meet its liabilities when due, were in the press this week and that in my experience that might also mean the organisation was in danger of trading whilst insolvent.


The directors had a meeting and have said that all is ok. The club has a plan.
Fair enough.

So I read what had been fed to the press.
Some company I had never heard of, Intelligent Land Investments Group, will work with the club and provide spanking new income streams from “planned investments”.
One is a Loch Ness Hydro Project and one a battery farms application.
Neither are current cash generators as far as I could find out.
But the corporate bull pr stuff said it plainly, “These projections are reliant on more income streams to support annual revenue shortfalls and football operating losses.
Andy’s instinct says it is deeply worrying.


So, What Has Gone Wrong at Caley?

Inverness Caledonian Thistle report a loss of £835,000.Why have they suffered 5 years of losses?

I don’t know for sure
Keeping it simple I’d start with just three business killers and they usually work together.

Under delivery.
Over ambition and spending.

I have good readership in the Inverness Area.

I’d love any insight that explains why my boyhood club have allowed themselves to be so washed out

Maybe it will be a good thing and the club will become community owned and conservative for a while with a small c.

Another reason why those who run our clubs on our behalves need an independent auditor with real teeth, to avoid meltdowns.


3. So Far Out of Touch

Imagine the call to his wee Qatari mansion, “Gianni, we need a Fifa Female Fans ambassador for the fast-approaching Women’s World Cup, can you fix it?”

Send for Adriana Lima, a Brazilian supermodel who we have been told, “Lives and breathes futebol” and tell the public she has been appointed because “She can be an excellent link between Fifa and fans worldwide.

FIFA's appointment of Adriana Lima as global fan ambassador draws ire from ex-soccer star Moya Dodd | Fox NewsAnyway Moya Dodd an ex Fifa Executive Committee and one time leader of the Fifa taskforce for the women’s game, waded in with her size 12 tackety boots.
“She opened with, Fifa are ‘Tone Deaf’.
When a girl plays football the world sees her differently.
She can be admired for what she can do rather than how she looks.
This puts her on a more equal footing with her brothers in a way that can alter the trajectory of her life’s ambitions.
In a Fifa World Cup Year that is the message that should be raging loud and clear all round the world.
Just where a supermodel fits into this is truly baffling.
But this is the same Fifa who set up for LGBTQ players and fans to visit Saudi Arabia, a jurisdiction where they are regarded as criminals just for being who they are”.

4. In Praise of Council Telly

Douglas Ross apologises to military veterans after VJ Day snub - Daily Record 

A cross party group of MSPs, the Scottish Affairs Committee including inveterate swearer, Douglas Ross, want Scotland Men’s Matches to be moved on to the “listed” events list which gives public service broadcasters more of a chance of bidding and winning.
Mr Ross said thanks to the SFSA for the long-term publicity on the issue in this blog and said he hoped the UK Government would listen to the calls”.




Have a nice weekend.


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