FSF’s ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign for capping away ticket prices hitting this weekend

Date: 2nd October 2015

HERE at the SFSA, we are committed to the view that fans are supporters, not consumers.

That is why we are wholeheartedly behind the Football Supporters Federation’s campaign ‘Twenty’s Plenty’, which asks clubs to cap their away ticket prices at a maximum of twenty pounds.

Any fan who has followed their team away from home knows that the price of doing so can be severe on the wallet, never mind the emotional toil. Rising fuel, transport and food costs have made following your team even more difficult.

What loyal supporters don’t need to add to these costs is astronomical ticket prices. Instead of rewarding those who are willing to travel to games rather than watch the highlights on the telly, these fans are being exploited.

While FSF’s action is largely in response to the often ridiculous pricing structures at Premier League teams in England, the same issue greatly affects Scottish fans that travel the length and breadth of the country every other weekend to follow their team.

This weekend the campaign comes to a head for a weekend of action, and we implore all our members, and any Scottish football fans, to support the action and let all clubs know that fans are supporters, not consumers.

You can do this in two ways. The easiest way to back the campaign is to use social media to highlight good and bad ticket prices when you see them this weekend. Use either #20Plenty or #TwentysPlenty on Twitter and Facebook to help support the cause.

Secondly, you can sign the FSF’s #ShareTVWealth petition – calling on football authorities to redistribute its TV income more fairly, including reducing ticket prices.

Always remember that clubs are more inclined to listen to their fans than anyone else. Let’s help fight the growing exploitation of loyal fans by backing this campaign and tell clubs everywhere that #TwentysPlenty.

Read more about the campaign here – http://fsf.org.uk/campaigns/away-fans/twentys-plenty/actions-for-fans/

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