SFSA and #HerGameToo Announce Partnership and Upcoming Research

Date: 20th August 2021

The SFSA are delighted to formally announce a partnership and upcoming research with Her Game Too, a passionate and determined organisation who aim to address the issue of sexism and misogyny towards female fans.


–  Her Game Too (HGT) launched in May 2021 by 12 female fans with a powerful opening video highlighting discriminatory comments they have received by other fans. The group now has over 12,000 followers on Twitter with their opening video reaching over 1.7 million views.

– Working with HGT, the SFSA are determined to help improve the representation of female fans across the country as this percentage of the demographic (8% as of 2019) is likely to increase, whilst helping tackle the issue of sexist and misogynistic attitudes.

– The SFSA aim to encourage clubs to recognise the diverse range of fans and move away from an idea of “a man’s game”. Our upcoming research will work to analyse the current feelings of female football fans here in Scotland and identify any specific areas of concern.

Date: 20/08/21

Her Game Too, founded by a group of 12 female football fans, are tackling the issues that they and many other women have experienced whilst watching or playing football, such as misogynistic or sexist comments. Despite only being launched in May of this year, the group have had immense support from across the game and many clubs across England have now agreed to work with them to break the stereotypical idea of the “man’s game”.

You can watch their viral introductory video here:

By working with HGT, we at the SFSA hope to show solidarity with their campaign and highlight that female fans are a vital part of the Scottish football culture and the future of the sport. As of 2019, 8% of Scottish football fans were female and this will only continue to increase as the female game grows across the world. Therefore, it is fundamental that these fans feel represented and welcome across Scotland.

Both organisations recognise the importance of the female fan, and the exciting role they can play to help support our clubs. Together, we will be announcing upcoming research that will help us better understand how female fans feel while attending stadiums or social settings to watch the beautiful game and identify what clubs can do to improve the experience and representation for these fans. This research will be available soon and we encourage as many clubs as possible across the country to share this survey to help strengthen and support the Her Game Too campaign.


Eve Ralph, one of the 12 founders of Her Game Too, said:

“#HerGameToo are excited to be partnering with the SFSA as we aim to work together to ensure that football is a welcoming, inclusive place for everybody. We are incredibly grateful to be supported by such a reputable organisation and look forward to seeing the opportunities that this partnership will create: supporting current, and paving the way for future fans.”

SFSA Chief Executive Stuart Murphy said:

“We are delighted to see both of our organisations working hand in hand to tackle issues, promote solutions and looking forward to making that “positive” bit of difference. As an all-inclusive organisation it’s critical we represent and support all our members and through our actions help influence outcomes. Exciting times indeed!”


Please help support Her Game Too, and all female fans, by helping to share this upcoming research and challenge misogynistic and sexist comments aimed towards our female supporters.

You can find HGT’s social media links below:






Thank you.




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