Membership hits a new high of 71,000

Date: 13th March 2019

Membership hits a new high of 71,000


We have been bubbling under having 71,000 members for some time and yesterday we finally hit the mark.

The organisation believes that the success of football as our national game rests with the participation and the contribution of supporters and that there is a need for them to have an independent collective influence within the game. Without and external funding this has been a challenge and we still have much to do to make the organisation what we would like it to become.

We decided to follow the successful model of the Football Supporters Federation in England. We have always believed that it was essential that just as the players, managers and coaches have a union so too should Scotland’s football supporters. Now we have fans from just about every club, large and small across Scotland and fans from across the World as members too. At long last we are able to represent their views to the media, to the Scottish Government and of course to the football authorities. We are also part of the wider supporter’s network across Europe as part of Football Supporters Europe

As the organisation has grown there has been so many willing helpers contributing to make the SFSA bigger and better. All this has been achieved by many hours of work by a team of volunteers. We just wanted to take stock and to thank everyone who has contributed over the past few years. We will be announcing a range of new initiatives and sponsorships in the coming weeks none of which we could have done without the support of the many thousands of fans who now back us. So we just wanted to say thank you and that we appreciate your support.

There is much to do to convince the football authorities that working with a vibrant strong independent supporter lead organisation is a better direction of travel than the route that currently have chosen for fan affairs.



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