Use of Pyrotechnics Survey Results

Date: 21st August 2021

We at the SFSA would like to thank everyone who contributed to our “Use of Pyrotechnics” survey, which will provide further input into the Scottish Government’s own consultation process on pyrotechnics (see here for more info).

It is vitally important that the opinions of football fans are recognised for a consultation such as this as it is fans who will be directly affected, and this input may shape future regulative measures and the match day experience for fans across the country. Whether you agree or disagree with the use of pyrotechnics, and how they are managed, we at the SFSA provide opportunities like this to allow fans to have direct influence on the outcome as we believe we should ALL have a say in how our game is managed. Below you will find a key findings summary, with a PDF containing the full results at the bottom of the page.

Thank you.

Key Findings:

From those who completed the survey (1,241 fans):

  • The majority (70%) believe that pyrotechnics enhance the matchday experience and have a place within Scottish football.


  • However, the majority of fans (74%) would like to see an organised, licensed, club managed/led use of pyrotechnics tested as the preferred approach, rather than uncoordinated and unofficially organised usage by fans.


  • Nearly half of fans (45%) have on at least one occasion witnessed dangerous/improper use of pyrotechnics within Scottish football stadia.


  • Most fans (60%) would feel safer attending matches if there was a controlled approach for pyrotechnics, with only licensed individuals permitted to legally posses them.


The full results can be found here: Pyrotechnics survey results


Thank you to those who had taken part in the survey.


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