SFSA Gambling In Scottish Football Survey Results

Date: 4th January 2021

In association with Gamble Aware, the SFSA launched a survey to investigate the relationship between gambling and Scottish football. The survey consisted of questions designed to understand the participants attitude towards gambling in Scottish Football, their level of participation and whether or not they used any measures to avoid impulsive gambling and if so, what these measures were.

Our research was conducted between 14/11/20 and 05/12/20 and there were 1,070 participants. The survey reached over 100,000 people via twitter, the SFSA newsletter, and other platforms. There were a number of clubs and social media accounts who helped us gather responses.


Scottish football fans are becoming increasingly concerned about the prevalence of gambling advertisements and sponsorship in the sport, according to research undertaken by the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA). More than three quarters (78%) of fans think there is too much gambling sponsorship in Scottish football, whilst only 5% felt their club were doing enough to make fans aware of the risks of gambling.

Over half (52%) of respondents reported increased feelings of concern regarding the amount of gambling advertising and sponsorship in Scottish football throughout the last season, indicating a need to ensure that fans are adequately informed about both gambling harms, and support services available.

Fans were surveyed to assess the impact of the second phase of the Bet Regret campaign, designed to raise awareness of impulsive betting in order to encourage moderation and reduce gambling harms. The second phase of the campaign, ‘Tap Out for Time Out’, introduced a new behaviour change technique which encourages people to pause and reconsider before they place a bet they may regret.

The campaign has been well received in Scotland, with over half (54%) of fans reporting familiarity with the tagline ‘Tap Out for Time Out and Avoid Bet Regret’. Over a quarter (28%) of respondents felt that having the option to pause or ‘tap out’ of placing a bet would assist with cutting down on their gambling, whilst almost one in ten (9%) reported using this technology to manage their gambling.

Scottish football fans want clubs and players to do more to support campaigns like ‘Tap Out for Time Out’. Almost half (47%) of respondents feel teams and players need to do more to support campaigns highlighting the risks of gambling and encouraging people to think more about their betting.

A full report of the findings can be found here:

Gambling in Scottish Football Report


We would like to thank everyone who completed and helped share the survey.

We would also like to thank Gamble Aware for their support.


The National Gambling Treatment Service offers free, confidential help for anyone who is worried about their or someone else’s gambling. If you need help, please call 0808 8020 133 or visit


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