The SFSA Call On Fans To #GetTheBallRolling!

Date: 14th December 2020

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our #GetTheBallRolling campaign with a powerful and provocative animated film developed by 3x BAFTA-winning animator Ross Hogg and multi award-winning creative, Gerry Farrell.


The video is live right now on social media, encouraging ALL fans from every corner of the country to unite behind Scotland’s only independent national supporters’ association and work together to bring about the positive change Scottish Football fans have been crying out for.


For the first time in a long time the Scotland men’s team has qualified for a major tournament – EURO 2020. That’s fantastic. But why has it taken so long? Why aren’t we like Belgium or Iceland, two small countries who have transformed their national teams’ fortunes over the last two decades?

The big changes Scottish football fans want to see will never happen until the blazers who run the game behind closed doors stop treating us like cardboard cut-outs and give us a voice.

Our  #GetTheBallRolling Campaign looks to unite fans from each and every football club across Scotland and bring about those changes.


Legendary Scottish manager Jock Stein once said “Football’s nothing without fans.” With our stadiums all but empty thanks to Covid, this has never been more true.

Our recent Members Audit* showed that 90% of Scottish fans feel they have no say in how the game’s run. This is unacceptable. Until paying customers like us are fairly represented in the decision-making process and those in charge are held accountable, Scotland’s game will remain stuck in a world of secrecy and self-interest.

The SFA has done nothing for Scottish football (the clue’s in the name). So it’s up to us fans to get together and #GetTheBallRolling.

By signing up to the SFSA,  we have a louder, collective voice that can’t be ignored. The more noise we make, the more we can bring about the change that’s so desperately needed. Otherwise, the governance of Scottish Football will remain stuck in a downward spiral of its own making that was damaging its game long before Covid.

You can sign up here for FREE


Please sign up TODAY and let us know the areas you want us to focus on. You can see what our current members are saying by viewing the Members Audit results here:

*SFSA Members Audit Results | Scottish Football Supporters Association (

Thank you for your support.

If you have any questions about the campaign or the SFSA in general, get in touch with our CEO Paul Goodwin at and we’ll be happy to help.

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