Help us lobby FIFA sponsors to ensure independent reform

Date: 3rd August 2015

The fallout from the FIFA allegations and Sepp Blatter’s resignation promise to be momentous, with the organisation finally headed for much needed reform.

However, to ensure that this prime opportunity to reform footballs biggest football association and governing body is as effective as it can be, it is imperative that FIFA is reformed by an independent body.

This will ensure that the changes which are required are effected wholeheartedly and ruthlessly, and most importantly not by those who still have ties and emotional or political links within the organisation.

With a view to ensuring this process is impartial our friends at the Football Supporters Federation have, along with the help of New FIFA Now, put together a list of chief executives emails for all eight of the groups key sponsors.

Adidas, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Visa, Hyundai, Budweiser, Gazprom and Kia all have a duty to ensure that FIFA is reformed as correctly and fairly as possibly, having funded the groups operations and benefited from their advertising space for decades in some cases.

FSF as such have written a well-structured argument which you can email to all sponsors simply by clicking the links in this page – – and signing off with your name.

The message is as follows;

Dear (name),

I and countless other football supporters from across the globe are dismayed at the corruption and influence-peddling at the top of footballs world governing body FIFA. It is time for an end to this scandal afflicting our beautiful game and the voices of supporters to be heard. Although I welcome FIFA President Sepp Blatters announcement that he will stand down, I call on your organisation to demand an independent commission to oversee changes to FIFAs statutes ensuring robust safeguards against future corruption, fair elections and transparent governance. Being a sponsor and commercial partner of FIFA your organisation reputation and public image is at risk if FIFA fails to reform, and it cannot be allowed to reform itself. Football and your brand can only be protected if FIFA is reform by a wholly independent process. If you want to find out in more detail what myself and other football supporters are calling for, please read the New FIFA Now Guiding Principles page, which clearly outlines a vision for a fairer, more accountable FIFA structure.

Kind regards, (your name)

By sending the email to all eight sponsors, as we have done, you will help to put pressure on the financial supporters of FIFA who are key political and financial players in the reformation of the governing body.

All football supporters, from Scotland to South Africa, have a duty to ensure that the governing body of our beloved sport is not allowed to succumb to the corruption and greed which has permeated FIFA.

As such, the hope we all share to stamp out exploitation and backhanders may finally be exacted on the face of worldwide football.

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