27th April 2019

Unacceptable conduct an answer by Arthur Bell

Unacceptable conduct an answer by Arthur Bell   Like all sane people, I condemn in the strongest possible terms the

8th March 2019

FIFA opens up to let fans see what is going on -could it happen here?

Zurich’s Home of Football hosted the FIFA Football Law Annual Review on 15 February 2019 The new initiative is designed

21st July 2018

5 things we learned from the World Cup

5 things we learned from the World Cup 1. No other sport will ever compete with football In a few

14th November 2017

Media coverage from the research event

Media Coverage   Media     Herald: Scottish_football_governing_bodies_rated_less_honest_than_UEFA_and_FIFA/     Daily Record: sport/football/football-news/less-honest-fifa-fans-deliver Live

6th February 2017

Match fixing – a very real problem that needs addressed

Earlier this season after yet another Partick Thistle capitulation in the last 5 minutes of a game , a chap

30th September 2015

Three changes Strachan should make for crucial Poland qualifier

Gordon Strachan’s squad announcement yesterday proved that this is a man who will stick by his troops, despite the Georgia

3rd August 2015

Help us lobby FIFA sponsors to ensure independent reform

The fallout from the FIFA allegations and Sepp Blatter’s resignation promise to be momentous, with the organisation finally headed for

29th July 2015

Hampden Park – Should we stay or should we go?

THE exciting 2018 World Cup draw and the game against England opened up a debate about where the colossal fixture

26th July 2015

Kind World Cup 2018 draw reunites Auld Enemy rivals

As the dust settles on the pots in Russia, the Tartan Army have had a night to try and control

24th July 2015

Can Scotland finally avoid a qualifying group with the current World Champions?

IT is a long established joke in Tartan Army ranks that Scotland always manage to receive a ‘group of death’

10th July 2015

Scotland’s women’s game – how can we keep improving?

WOMEN’S football is at an all-time high. Participation and interest has rocketed since the USA beat Japan 5-2 in the

6th July 2015

8th European Football Fan Congress success proof that fans are vital – and Scotland needs to be involved

While thousands of tourists from around Europe flocked to Belfast to visit the Tall Ships Festival, a smaller but no