Scotland’s 150th Anniversary Kit Fan Reaction: SFSA Statement

Date: 22nd March 2023

(Photo: Scottish FA)

The following statement was published shortly after the release of Scotland’s 150th Anniversary Kit which was revealed to cost £90 for an Adult size and £70 for a child size. This left many fans across the county bitterly disappointed following days of anticipation and hype surrounding the kit announcement as the cost of living crisis has made this special release simply unaffordable, with little to no consideration  towards Scottish football fans and the Tartan Army.

“Fans have rightly expressed their disappointment towards the release of Scotland’s 150th anniversary shirt today. With prices set at an extortionate £90 for an adult top, there is clear failure to consider the current cost of living crisis that fans across the country face.

The passion and commitment of fans has arguably been exploited rather than rewarded and the SFA have failed to show appreciation for Scottish football fans – something far too common over the last 150 years.

The SFSA call on the SFA to donate a percentage of profits back to fans and support those who need it most, via charities such as TA Sunshine Appeal, Fans Supporting Foodbanks Scotland, Back Onside and others.”

You can read more about the fan reaction here: Fan outrage at cost of 150th anniversary Scotland home shirt | STV News

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