Match fixing – a very real problem that needs addressed

Date: 6th February 2017

Earlier this season after yet another Partick Thistle capitulation in the last 5 minutes of a game , a chap near me suggested that the only explanation could be that the Jags were part of an elaborate betting scandal. What other explanation could there be to this phenomena of camping in your own penalty box for the last 10 minutes until you loose the game?

Of course his remarks were made in jest and never considered seriously for even a second by his fellow fans. However, across the World there continues to be a very serious problem that the football authorities have yet to properly address. Much good work has already been done but working with the likes of FIPRO a lot more has to be done.

We are very fortunate here in Scotland that there have been no scandals for over 40 years but the last thing we need to be is complacent!

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