SFSA STATEMENT – Rejection of new Conference League

Date: 9th May 2023

                        SFSA STATEMENT

DATE: 9/5/2023

Scotland’s Independent National Fans Organisation, The SFSA Rejects the New SFA Conference League Proposal on behalf of 80,000 members, and the good of the game.

Fans want and support the call for change and changes but see the current plans as an unnecessarily confusing conflation of three key issues rather than a balanced and thought through solution.

We would also ask why again there has been limited club and no fan input to significant planned strategic changes to Scottish Football?

SFSA fan research confirms that the pyramid and league structures need a root and branch review to recognise the positive change since the junior clubs entered senior football.

The vast majority of fans do not approve of larger clubs in Scotland thinking buying access to leagues is acceptable.

It isn’t.

Fans want a one club, one team policy.

We also note the Conference League plan raises environmental issues through extra unnecessary travel for both teams and supporters.
Fans agree that the development of young talent is a priority and support a full review of the current under 20s policy and structure.

We ask for and expect some imagination and commitment to find a better solution and offer to work with the SFA and the clubs.

Football in Scotland is “Everybody’s Business”.

When fans come together, we see the bigger picture and decisions are best when taken for the common good of the game and communities as whole above the self-interest of those wielding power.

These proposals have not found support around the country.
After taking time to listen to fan voices, The Scottish Football Supporters Association confirm a clear majority rejection of the proposals.

SFSA Chairman Andy Smith says:
“Our pyramid needs a proper review and to become fully integrated upwards and downwards and less of a barrier to ambitious clubs. It also needs to respect that clubs like Brechin should have a proper route back.
Scotland also needs to deal with the very real gap between our current under 20s structure and the demands of first team football.
We find it disturbing that the biggest clubs think they can buy their way past sporting integrity and that should be a total No No in Scottish football’s future.
These problems we face are not unique to Scotland and we ask the SFA for vision, imagination and a common good approach, not the age old self interest that cripples our game.”
We at the SFSA believe proper time, care and thought is crucial for any big changes implemented to our game. We actively call on those attending the upcoming SFA AGM to listen to their fans and vote against this proposal.
Together, we can do this better.


Join the SFSA here www.scottishfsa.orgFor further information on The SFSA please
contact our Chairman Andy Smith on 07796 697156
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