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30th May 2020

Covid-19 survey now live

Our Covid-19 survey is now live! The aim of the survey is to ask supporters how they think the ways… Read more »

30th May 2020

Chairmans blog: 30/5/2020

This weeks chairman’s blog from Andrew Smith: Money Driving Changes   This week saw Ann Budge, (of the recently failed… Read more »

27th May 2020

SFSA to launch Covid-19 supporters survey

The SFSA is pleased to announce that this weekend we will be continuing with our recent increase in supporter consultation,… Read more »

24th May 2020

Sutton and McCoist

The latest piece from Donald Stewart: It was barbecue weather and Chris is hosting. Ally, The Greatest Ever Barbecuer is… Read more »

23rd May 2020

Chairman’s blog

The thoughts of SFSA chairman Andrew Smith: Ann Budges Game Change Plans Elephants and Cats   Another week into the… Read more »

22nd May 2020

And so they say

The latest blog from SFSA writer Donald Stewart: And now, the end is near so how many face the final… Read more »

17th May 2020

Saturday early evening at the Fitbaw Phone Frenzy

The latest from SFSA writer Donald Stewart: The sun is starting to drift downwards. Mid May. In a garden shed,… Read more »

16th May 2020

84% of fans feel alienated but still believe in football

The views of SFSA chairman Andrew smith on recent events regarding the SPFL:   84 Out of Every 100 Fans… Read more »

16th May 2020

SPFL: A model democracy

The latest from SFSA writer Donald Stewart and his views on the democratic system at the SPFL, or lack of… Read more »

13th May 2020

SFSA statement: 13/5/2020

STATEMENT ISSUED ON BEHALF OF THE SCOTTISH FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS ASSOCIATION 13th of May 2020 If you always do what you’ve always… Read more »

10th May 2020

Midnight in the ACME lab


9th May 2020

Methil to Europe is hardly a compensation

The Latest from resident SFSA writer Donald Stewart: Methil to Europe is hardly a compensation… It’s a little over a… Read more »

7th May 2020

Are the customers revolting?

Are the Customers Revolting?   Thanks to all those at SFM who along with many others completed our recent FANQ… Read more »

7th May 2020

John Collins, Dave McPerson and Henry McLeish back Youths project

In 2019, we published our widely read and much vaulted Women in Football report. It was designed not to be a… Read more »

6th May 2020

Gerry Farrell Joins SFSA board

We are pleased to announce the addition of Gerry Farrell to the SFSA board. Here is an introduction to Gerry… Read more »