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27th July 2021

Mr Lawwell has not left the building

Our latest blog from SFSA writer Donald Stewart “West of Scotland’s premier Elvis impersonator, Mr. Lawwell has refused to leave…

23rd July 2021

Andy’s Sting In The Tale (23/07/21) “Bienvenido Pedro la Flagstone …”

…El diablo esta en el detalle   This Week’s Sting   1. Fiona Fashions the Future 2. Kim and Caroline

23rd July 2021

There are easy targets

The latest SFSA blog from our resident writer Donald Stewart “There are easy targets; politicians can wake up with targets

22nd July 2021

On a par with the hardest word

Our latest SFSA blog from Donald Stewart. “Wedding planning has never been easy… Since the scenes in that Hollywood film

20th July 2021

SFSA Announce New CEO and Changes to the Board Structure


20th July 2021

Mr Clarke & Mr Keane

The latest blog from SFSA writer Donald Stewart “It’s a place where two beards can meet. Mr. Clarke and Mr.

17th July 2021

The Scottish Government Launch Consultation Paper on the Introduction of new Legislation on the Sale and use of Fireworks in Scotland, and Tackling the Misuse of Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics have often been a part of football cultures across Europe, particularly in some eastern European nations where hundreds of

16th July 2021

SFSA Malawi partnership bears fruit with the aid of Blackstoun United & St Mirren legend Jimmy Bone

Below is an article written by Ben Ramage, highighting the improtant work the SFSA are conducting to support young football

16th July 2021

Andy’s Sting In The Tale (16/07/21) “Football’s Coming Home to Scotland”

  2000 Fans From Monday, Yee-Haa! All but 18 of our clubs can welcome back their usual crowds as normality

15th July 2021

The future not the past

The latest blog post from resident writer Donald Stewart “And so, the dust has finally settled, and we can reflect

9th July 2021

The Scottish Football Alliance and SFSA’s Open Letter to SFA’s Professional Game Board

An open letter to the ‘Scottish Football Innovation Project’ group working alongside the Scottish FA’s Professional Game Board:   Stewart,

9th July 2021

Andy’s Sting In The Tale (09/07/21) “Big Thinkers Wanted”

This week saw us join up with the newly launched Scottish Football Alliance to send an open letter from Henry

7th July 2021

One city, 3 stadiums, 3 different levels of capacity. Can Jason Leitch please tell fans why.

On the 26th of June, The British and Irish lions Rugby Team were granted 16,500 fans at Murrayfield for a

2nd July 2021

Andy’s Sting In The Tale (02/07/21) “Who Needs the Euros Anyway When Real Football Returns”

In just 7 days Edinburgh City host Hamilton at Spartan’s Ainslie Park and Kelty Hearts play their first ever game

25th June 2021

The SFSA Unveil New Signing: Steve Parker (SPARKIUS) Joins the SFSA as Their Resident Artist

The SFSA are thrilled to announce that Steve Parker has joined the SFSA and will be working with us to